Tuesday, April 29, 2014

School Carnival April 2014

The school carnival was the same as last year, but to James it was an exciting world of meeting up with his friends at school and hopefully showing off his Mom and Dad.


There were carnival-like games set up in some of the classrooms. James was surprisingly picky about which ones he'd actually play.


There was a "taco truck" serving tacos and others foods for dinner. James enjoyed his ice cream cone the most.


And the most fun was meeting up with Dane (and his Dad) for an epic DDR battle.

Waiting in line...





We enjoy these nights. I'm always surprised that the teachers are NOT there. From working at a school myself I'm sure it's not a required, contractual night but still. Missing fun time with your students? A little disappointing.

James had fun. That's all that really counts!


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