Monday, April 28, 2014

History Museum

James' bestie Dane joined us for a day at the History Museum during Spring Break. We had never been there so it was all to be an adventure.


The boys were oddly fascinated by this presentation on Native Americans. The video would pause every so often to give them a choice in history. It was very interesting to see how the boys responded to ethical dilemmas- trade with the white people? declare war? let your people starve or give away your land?




I put them to work!


We spent some time in the mines. Dane did not enjoy the work. Too loud.


The dynamite reminded James of Minecraft and TNT. He was very eager to pretend to blow things up!





Ugh. Buffalo innards.





Artillery assembly line.



The boys were constantly on the go.



I had to say no to animal skin caps in the gift shop. They settled for much cheaper souvenirs.


And back at home. Minecraft. Connecting worlds.


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