Monday, April 28, 2014

Spring Break

Finally! And what should you do on your first day of Spring Break? Definitely head over to the popular, newly open Hans Bakery in Anoka!

We ran into a CRMS student and he very nicely offered to show James the donut display while I waited in the very, very long line.


The donut James chose was bigger than his head! It is called a Texas donut. James insisted he would finish it. I was curious and said, go ahead.



I enjoyed one of Hans' famous BeeStings. Custard filled goodness. The bigger version is called a BeeHive. I recently bought one for an office birthday party just last week. It cut like a cake.


And how much did James finish? Not as much as he thought!


We also bought two more Texas donuts for later. AND we bought three Texas donuts in a separate box. We were headed to get an oil change and we decided to buy the guys there some donuts. A good deed! James was super excited to give them the donuts "for no good reason"! His first experience with a good deed went well!


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