Monday, April 28, 2014


We still love Legos around here. They don't get much action anymore but they won't be forgotten. We headed to the "Lego museum" in March.


My two boys with their matching coats.

They are standing in front of a Lego BAR! Oh Jim had envy in his eyes. I'm sure he imagined that in his Man Cave.


And even the name of his favorite gin...


So this visit was a bit different because the company had a scavenger hunt for the kids! We couldn't stop until we found all the Lego flags! There were a few difficult ones to find and I don't mind admitting that many of the parents were helping each other out. I mean, we wanted to leave eventually.


I'm not sure if the displays are always this pretty or if it was the way the light was coming in through the windows. I was just in awe of all the little trees and buildings. I imagined again how much time (and geekiness) was put into each Lego creation.



We really liked these little familiar buildings.


They don't make Kentucky Fried Chickens like this anymore!




Not a Friend in sight.


We knew Grandma Laura would like this one.


Happy James.


This hiker is holding a tiny little Mountain Dew.



And Tia ChaCha always appreciates this little guy. #gnomebomb


New murals?



And after our Lego fun we went out to lunch. James holds the door like a gentleman.


So yes, that place is still fun and magical!


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