Monday, April 28, 2014

Star Wars art

A flyer came home with James and so we signed him up for a Star Wars art class! And to make it even more fun I talked to Dane's mom and they also signed up! I said it would be easy to pick up both boys at 5pm and drop off Dane at home.

This is the first piece of art. Obviously there are stars, starships, and Yoda.


Oh, and we ended up at a McDonald's detour.


And then with Dane's mom's permission we ended up having a little Minecraft play date.

Yeah, James was in heaven.


The other art classes were just as successful. These are clearly R2D2's.


More Minecraft.


Have you met Bob? He's the most famous Jedi. He kind of looks like a moose?


And this is Chewbacca. Minus eyes. James said he ran out of time and didn't get to put on the googly eyes.


And the last project of the five classes was a diorama of the galaxy! Ooooh ahhhhh.


We were quite happy with James' projects!


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