Friday, August 29, 2014

Nature Camp 2014

In late July we had James signed up for a nature camp at Springbrook Nature Center. The huge bonus was that it was also a Spanish Immersion camp! So a bit of Spanish to practice some skills. The neighborhood moms had emailed back and forth to get our kids involved. We also arranged a carpool. I'm the Mom with the most (summer) time at home so I did most of the driving. I needed to borrow a minivan to fit all the booster seats.

I was a minivan driving carpool Mom! Whoa.

Clayton always makes a face. James is probably thinking, Sigh. Another picture! Carter was new to me so the most cooperative for a picture.


Because of the other Moms' work schedules, it did work better to have the boys dropped off early at our house. Like 7am early! So we were a mini daycare for a week... Before and after the camp time (9-4).

The boys kept busy with connecting worlds in Minecraft.


I even provided some meals once they realized the beauty of pancake balls. This was on the first night when I made them breakfast for dinner. I called their Moms and asked to keep them a bit late, since the first day is always so fun. They came over for breakfast each morning too to partake in pancake balls. Good thing I always freeze a bunch!

Our guests ate 10 pancake balls each! I think it became a challenge.


Oh, so about the camp. James didn't complain all week but it wasn't his favorite thing ever. It was a lot of outdoorsy, get dirty activities. Lots of bug bites too. He told me on Friday that it would be okay if we didn't sign him up next year.

Hey, we tried!


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