Sunday, December 31, 2006

I want to be a cowboy!

Tia Ana gave James the cutest outfit and cowboy boots for Christmas. I just had to try them on him and have a mini photo shoot. To complete the look, we found the Wells Fargo pony that Grandma Rosie gave us. Too cute! (The boots are too big for him still but the outfit fits now. We'll have to find some other cowboy wear later :)

James and Daddy Jim had the greatest time last night. Jim was playing with James and making faces, sticking out his tongue, and talking to him. James started to mimic his Daddy! He repeatedly stuck out his tongue and we would laugh. He loved the attention and praise and so he kept doing it. It was truly the cutest thing I've ever seen- Daddy and son playing :) I almost cried!

TMI alert- James had another day without poop, and just a little bit of fussiness last night, so we brought out the thermometer again. It did the trick. I don't know what else to do if he's constipated. I have some research to do.

Our NYE plans: We are going to relax and enjoy our little family. We have steaks to grill, wine to drink, and a beautiful son to spend time with. We will be happy and content to stay at home! 2007 will be a great year with Baby James!

New: More pictures in Baby Album "Week Eight".

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