Monday, January 1, 2007

Happy New Year!

As new parents, we didn't exactly stay up until the New Year (midnight). We value our sleep now! We had a lovely evening with James and he was a great baby. He actually slept quite a bit yesterday during the day and I was afraid he wouldn't sleep well at night. He was fine, of course.

We're still having poop issues. We were afraid he was constipated again but when Jim changed his diaper last night, James suprised him with a movement. Its kind of funny when its not happening to YOU! I got to sit back, laugh, and watch while Jim patiently waited for James to do his business. I guess James is just on a different schedule now and we don't have to worry.

(Its funny what you talk about as a Mom, huh? Who would have thought I'd be writing about poop so much?)

Well, today is my last full day with James before I head back to work. Its very sad. I am looking forward to seeing my students and having something else to focus on (instead of baby-related things 24/7) but I'm going to miss James so much. Jim is going to be Super Dad though and he's going to do so well with James. I have no worries. I just worry that I'll miss so much. Hopefully Jim will mentally note everything that happens during the day and update me when I get home. When I do get home, I'll be taking over James duty and it will be Mommy time.

Well, we've had a full morning so far. Jim shovelled the driveway (it snowed about 2 inches) and he also made breakfast! He's the master of scrambled eggs and french toast. I helped to straighten up the house and I tended to James. He's quietly sleeping in his swing at this moment. He sleeps so well in the mornings. I guess evenings are his active time, which is okay, because he tires himself out for the night.

Today's plans: Cleaning, organizing, washing clothes, and basically getting the house/baby ready for my return to work.

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Nine". James is 8 weeks old today! His two month doctor's appointment isn't until January 10th though.

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