Sunday, January 21, 2007

Its a Cinnabon morning.

James had an exciting day yesterday- MOA, a new Bumbo seat, and reading books! I'm excited because yesterday was the first day that James has ever responded to my reading a book to him. I guess its because I was making funny faces along with the book, but he was also looking at the book with interest. I'm glad. It will be fun to read books together and have something special to do together.

Well, the book reading came at the end of a long night with James. He was fussy and for no apparent reason. This is unusual for him. I finally got him to quiet down a little when I took off his clothing and socks, leaving him in his onesie. I don't think he was necessary hot maybe just felt constricted? Who knows! Shortly after that, I got him to smile and respond to the books. And then he finally took a nap before his bedtime bottle. Again, it was a long night. The second night in a row that he's been somewhat difficult to read. He's like a complicated little puzzle :)

Our plans today: After Jim has his Cinnabon, he's going to the grocery store. I have some work to do from home but otherwise its the same old Sunday. Little things to do around the house to get ready for the work week! Oh, and we get to enjoy James all day :)

Wish Jim luck! He has not one, but THREE interviews this week!

New pictures! I took a few pictures of James in his new Bumbo seat yesterday and then one picture this morning. He sat well in the seat while I made my coffee. Also, there are funny pictures of James in the seat at the dinner table. Sometimes we struggle with keeping James entertained while we eat- he always seems to want our attention at that time and we sometimes don't get to eat dinner together. Maybe the Bumbo seat will let us do this now!
New video yesterday too.

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