Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What's up with Baby James?

We couldn't figure him out last night. He was so sleepy in the evening, falling asleep every time I tried to play with him. Finally we put him down in his crib at 9pm, he woke up when I carried him up the stairs and I was glad because I thought I could give him his last bottle. BUT he fell asleep again. So we left him sleeping, thinking he'd wake up at his normal 1 or 2am. Nope! He woke up at 10:15, right when we had fallen asleep ourselves. Jim got up to feed him because I was beyond tired. James then woke up at 2am and I fed him, not much time between bottles, at least for nighttime. Then he fussed again at 5am, Jim fed him again. Then he woke up again at 5:45, so I changed his diaper and tried to shush him back to sleep with a pacifier. It worked for a little while. Then again at 6:45, kind of awake. I brought up the swing and let him sleep in the swing. This was successful until he woke up for the morning. I hope Daddy Jim was able to sleep after I left for work!

We couldn't ask for a happier baby during the day! He wakes up full of smiles :)

I don't have any new pictures so here's one of my favorites again!

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