Sunday, January 7, 2007


Happy Birthday to Grandma Rosie! Grandma Rosie is in California visiting her parents (James' Great Grandparents). We hope all is well!

Good morning! James was up and ready for his day at 8am (or earlier). He woke up the first time at 6:45 or so with a wet diaper. I changed him and he went back to sleep. At 8am he was truly up and hungry for his bottle. Jim and I were in the middle of our breakfast and the Sunday paper.

The frequent diaper changes seem to help. Jim is quicker to change James' diaper to settle him down and I think he's right to do this. I'm just thinking of all the fussing I probably did over the last two months, trying to calm James and entertain him when maybe all I needed to do is change his diaper! He'd always take the pacifier so I thought that was the solution. See? I can learn a lot from Daddy Jim!

Despite my cutting James' fingernails, he has new scratches on his face. When he gets frustrated he swipes at his face. I guess there's no avoiding the scratches. I think mittens are too restrictive now- he needs to use his hands to feel, grasp, and lately, suck.

I've taken a lot of pictures these last two days. I think James smiles when he sees the camera now. Its so sweet that almost every time I try to get a smile from James, he does smile! Looking back on his older pictures, with no smiles, he seems like such a different baby! He has a personality now and he's so sweet.

So if you look at his pictures from today you'll see his little football outfit. I think before I had James I was very opposed to cutesy animal prints (animals playing baseball, etc.) This outfit goes against everything I believe in and *I* bought it! Ha! Its not so bad. I wouldn't want to go overboard with the cutesy animals and babyish themes, but every once in a while or in small doses its okay.

Today's plans: Jim is working this morning and I have some more things to do around the house. James will get a bath too. And I'm sure there will be football to watch- especially since we have the new plasma TV. Isn't James so lucky to get such a great 2 month birthday gift?

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