Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Work at Home Dad (WAHD)

Jim had a good day yesterday with James. I came home not expecting that James was miserable without me, but thinking that he'd be happy to see me. When I got home he was laying down very peacefully in his bassinet, but honestly, he was more interested in the mobile hanging down than me! Oh well :)

Jim told me that they went through many, many diapers and about four bottles. James was in a good mood during the day and they had a little time to play. All is well! Jim is a great WAHD! He did a bit of work last night so that he's not as busy during the day.

I left this morning and Jim was working from bed (laptop) and I had given James a bottle, or well, tried to. He only drank 2 of 5 ozs. At least this morning I was able to kiss him goodbye!

I was a little stressed last night. I didn't have a hard work day but I was tired. I was caring for James and it left little time for anything else. (To be expected!) I was making myself stressed thinking about the lunch I should pack for the next day, the clothes that needed to be folded, the bottles I needed to prepare, etc. I think it will all work itself out and I'll get my routine figured out soon.

Last night James slept pretty well. He might have slept too well during the early evening because after his 12am feeding he was wide awake! He was smiling and trying to "talk" to me. It was so hard to not respond but I knew that I should put him to bed (and get myself to bed). I brought up the swing and let him fall asleep in that and then transferred him to the crib. He's just so cute when he's happy!

Well, off to work!
Thanks for reading this :)

New pictures: I took a few pictures when I got home from work yesterday. Also, some pictures of Jim and James. I needed to record their 1st day together.

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