Tuesday, January 16, 2007

At home today

I called in sick today. I am home with Jim and James.

An uneventful night last night. James didn't sleep through the night again (darn!) but he slept normally- meaning waking up twice in the night for bottles.

He is especially cute this morning. He is playing well on his Baby Einstein activity mat. I learned a trick- if I position his legs so that they're almost straddling the bars, he kicks them to activate the motion sensor and the music plays for him. My one complaint about that activity mat was that the music doesn't play long enough- with James activating it on his own now, its great :)

James has been waking up for the day in the happiest of moods. I caught this morning's wake up call with the video camera. Please see the video "Good Morning!"

There's also a couple of new pictures from this morning, in Baby Album "Week Eleven". There's this close-up so that others can see his long, long eyelashes- inherited from his Daddy. They seem to be growing as well!

Have a good day!

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