Thursday, January 11, 2007

Poor Baby James!

Please see yesterday's journal entry about James' experience at his 2 month doctor's appointment. He did receive four immunization shots in his thighs and this led to a very crabby, unhappy baby. Actually, maybe he wasn't too bad but his sleep was certainly affected. He cried out continuously in his sleep and every time we would go to him, he would be asleep. We heard the cries, the grunts, the groans, everything until 3am. We just didn't sleep, because we were worried and because well, it was just too noisy! James didn't have a fever like the doctor warned he could have- that was one of the first things we checked. He just wasn't happy. He also got up a few extra times (besides every 3 hours for feedings) for diaper changes.

So finally at 3am, to let one of us get some sleep, I took the baby monitor in the guest bedroom so that Jim could get some sleep. James did fuss a bit more but he didn't wake up until 6am. Really, I don't know how well I slept. I feel my eyes burning and drooping :(

James is doing fine now. He woke up for the morning normally and I dressed him in a cute outfit :) Jim gave me the latest update that he is sleeping well after I left and hopefully it will be a good day for the two of them.

Later tonight we have Tia Ana, Crazy Uncle Rich, and Grandpa Frank coming over for a visit. I hope they don't mind some sleepy hosts!

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Ten!"

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