Monday, January 8, 2007

Weekend Summary

Jim and I had a nice weekend to ourselves, even though most of it was spent cleaning the house (Jim more than me), tending to James, and getting ready for the work week.

James is such a happy, content baby. How do I know this? Well, last night when he should have been sleeping soundly, he would wake up, want to be held/fed/changed and he'd smile and coo at us. He was quite active last night, a change from the last several weeks. He probably woke up 4 times. Twice the monitor alarm went off because he had moved himself (how?) from the middle of the crib mattress to near the front. The monitor couldn't detect his movements that far on the mattress. Its a scary thing to hear that alarm go off!

This morning I had a chance to feed him before I left for work and again, he was a happy baby. I put him down in the crib so that I could get ready for work and he kept himself busy by giggling, making his baby noises, and moving around. We heard him through the monitor and it was so cute! He eventually went back to sleep.

Jim sent a morning update that James is fed, his outfit is changed, and he is doing well. His new outfit just barely fits him again. I waited too long to put him in his 3-6 month outfits. Some of them are fitting just right, with little room to grow. We think he is long (lengthwise) and the one piece outfits are short for him. We have a doctor's appointment for James on Wednesday so we'll hear from the doctor how he is doing and whether he's growing properly. We think so! (Please see the chubby thighs picture!)

No new picture yet today. The homepage picture is from yesterday's tummy time. I probably put James on his tummy several times this weekend to help him strengthen his neck/back muscles. He's doing well! When you hold him upright he's able to keep his head straight for a good amount of time. We think he'll be ready for the Bumbo chair soon. This is a chair that we're going to buy soon- it helps with sitting up by holding the baby in place. I guess lots of babies love it!

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