Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Grandpa Frank

Our family had a nice visit with Grandpa Frank. He comes every winter to go ice fishing with Crazy Uncle Rich and company. We were able to see Grandpa Frank before and after the big fishing trip. He said that Northern Minnesota was very cold- twenty degrees below zero! Ummm, you won't catch ME there EVER.

James did his baby thing and was cute for the visit. I snapped a couple of pictures with Grandpa Frank and they're in Baby Album "Week Eleven". There's also a short video in the video library. Grandpa Frank is good with Baby James- he got James to smile, coo, and meow like a cat. I'd never heard that sound before so it was pretty interesting :)

We discussed visiting California, not for a couple of years, but when James is old enough to go to Disneyland and LegoLand. I think Jim was more excited than anyone :) It would be fun if I could get my sisters to go too. It would be like the old days when we were young little girls and at Disneyland, on the flying Dumbos and twirling Teacups rides. :)

James slept just fine last night. He didn't sleep through the night like I thought he would because he had a full day of 6 oz bottles. I guess that won't always do the trick. He is going longer between bottles during the day and even more so at night. I've read that babies typically don't sleep through the night until 3 or 4 months, sometimes later. James is also awake for longer periods of time during the day and especially at night. He's most active during the early evening. It makes for good play time!

One thing that James is right on target with is DROOL. He is a saliva monster. Sometimes I think he's spitting up, but its just drool. He blows little bubbles when he's entertaining himself or when he's babbling. We might need to keep a bib on him permanently! Haha.

Another weird little thing is James' baby dandruff. I guess technically its cradle's cap but it looks like dandruff. I've been patiently brushing his scalp with his baby brush and loosening the flakes/scales on his head (ewww). I've almost got his head clear of the worst of it but he's still really flakey. Good thing James is patient with the head rubs, brushing, and baby oil massages :)

Its a short work week for me since there was no school on Monday, I called in sick on Tuesday, and there is no school again on Friday. Lots of quality time at home with Jim and James! But never enough :)

Back to work!

To our families and friends
From Jim (James' Dad):

On Monday 1/15, I received the terrible news that my position at work was being eliminated. I had worked for the company for almost 7 years, most of that time from home. So, I am now searching for a new job and most likely we will be searching for a day care for James. To anyone reading this, if you know of any job openings in the Direct Marketing industry, or in the areas of Project Management or Client Management/Customer Service, I would appreciate hearing about them. I have approximately 10 years of experience in those areas. I may also try to post my resume on here once I figure out how to do so.

If anyone has any day care advice, we would appreciate it also. We didn't anticipate that we would need it, at least not this soon, so we didn't really plan for it. I'm sure we will be spending time researching that in the near future.

I feel bad that our arrangement with me watching and taking care of James didn't work out as planned. But I believe that everything happens for a reason and I am hopeful that only good will come of this for our family.


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