Friday, January 12, 2007

Perfect baby!

James was the most perfect baby yesterday. Both Jim and I commented on this throughout the day. After his extremely fussy night, he must have been well rested because he was very peaceful, cooperative, and content. During the day he fed on his bottles, smiled at his Daddy, and then would fall asleep promptly. He was more awake once I got home and it was wonderful to see him happy and wanting to play. The little sounds he makes sometimes sound like screams, but you can tell they are happy! Its like he's talking to us. I wonder what he's saying?

Grandpa Frank, Tia Ana, and Uncle Rich came over for a visit and for dinner. I'm so glad that my Dad has had the opportunity to see James twice now. Its hard because he does live so far away (California) but I have a feeling that we'll see Grandpa Frank more often now. We'll have to organize a visit to California in a year or two too!

I think our visitors would agree that James was well-behaved. He put on a little show for them- smiling and playing. Tia Ana is just in love with James :)

No new pictures from last night- how could I forget to take pictures?!!?

James really hasn't been drinking the 6 oz bottles that the doctor suggested. He chooses to have 3-5 ozs, depending on his mood or time of day. But last night, before bed, he did have 6 oz and he slept 5 1/4 hours! And then he had his 2nd 6 oz bottle and slept for 4 hours! He was up at a normal time of 7:30am today and isn't giving his Daddy a hard time, not as far as I know (Jim updates me during the day).

Have a good weekend!

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