Saturday, January 6, 2007

Two Months Old Today!

James is 2 months old today! Time flies!

Its Saturday late morning. Jim and I have been doing things around the house and we're just now taking breaks. I'm updating this, Jim is probably playing online poker :)

We were going to go to Carole's (our local fave restaurant) for breakfast but James' schedule was kind of hard to work around this morning. He was up at 5am and it would have been hard to wait until 7am to go to breakfast because we would have had to feed him there. That's not a relaxing breakfast for US. So we'll go some other weekend.

I took some new pictures this morning of James and his/my teddy bear, Brownie, and in his monkey chair. I've been taking pictures with the two animals to gauge James' growth. He is bigger than Brownie now! You can find comparison pictures in Baby Albums "Week One", "One Month Old", and "Two months old".

Again, last night, I learned a thing or two from Daddy Jim. I was feeding James and Jim taught me how to get James to accept the bottle after burping/a pause. Sometimes James purses his lips and refuses, so Jim taught me to wiggle the bottle nipple sideways and slip it into his mouth. I love that Jim is so good with James :)

Weekend plans: We're waiting for our new TV to be delivered. Isn't Daddy wonderful to buy James a new TV for his birthday? :) We'll have to get those Baby Einstein videos really soon! Other than that, we're just doing stuff around the house and getting ready for a full work week.

Happy Birthday James!
Love, Your Mommy & Daddy

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