Thursday, January 4, 2007


Another work day! I wish I were home today, I'm already tired.

I'm told constantly how lucky I am that Jim is able to stay home with James. I do feel a lot of relief and happiness that Jim is able to take care of James. I don't know what I would do if I had to drop off James at a daycare, with strangers. I'm told that even if it were a home daycare, or with friends/family it would be difficult. So true! I can't imagine James being cared for by someone who might do things differently than Jim and I. When Jim and I decided to start our family I knew that we would have this arrangement and that we could rely on ourselves to make it work. I guess I'm just feeling happy that I have Jim- who is a great Daddy. I don't think I would be happy with anyone else at this point :)

One of the best moments (I didn't tell Jim this) was last night when James was a bit fussy and I was trying to figure out what could be wrong. Jim was quick to come over and help. I had to smile because Jim is fast becoming more expert at handling James.

James was a bit fussy last night. I have to think about this. I wonder if he's becoming used to his quiet days (without the tv, my noise, etc.)? He sleeps quite a bit during the day and so maybe he's just more active at night. I also have to be careful about letting him sleep too much in the early evening. Again last night he was wide awake at 12am and I was afraid he wouldn't get to sleep. He did fall asleep on his own, eventually.

New pictures! Most of the pictures are from when I rushed home yesterday to be with James. I was very happy to see him!

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