Thursday, January 18, 2007

To our loyal fans...

I am extremely late with today's entry. Sorry! I had a hectic day at school/work today and am just now catching my breath.

Last night Jim and I went to a "Baby Shower" that the Early Childhood program sponsors to get new parents connected to services. There were 4 other babies at the function besides James. They all seemed to be about the same age, I thought, but it turned out they were all about 4 months. I was a little relieved at this because they seemed to be advanced- holding their heads up on their own, standing with assistance, etc. I was starting to think James was "behind" developmentally! James is just big for his age, maybe.

It was cute because at the beginning you could see all the babies checking each other out. I was also curious about the other parents and babies, wondering how they're doing. James fell asleep after a while, waking up at the end for the singing. Yikes, Jim and I are NOT singers and we didn't know the kids' songs so we felt a little left out. I guess we should learn some songs and start singing to James?

No troubles last night. James is sleeping normally, waking up twice. He was so well behaved going out last night that I think we're ready to take him out to a restaurant. I proposed to Jim that we go out for breakfast tomorrow (I'm off work). We'll see how that goes!

A few new pictures in Baby Album "Week Eleven". One picture is from last night in the car. James looked so confused in the car seat. I don't think we've ever had him out at night. He was busy looking at all the fast moving lights and scenery.

Jim update: Jim has several leads on jobs already! He has two interviews coming up next week. More updates as we have them, of course. (See yesterday's 1/17 journal entry for Jim's entry and announcement.) I also had a friend recommend a home daycare in Blaine that he used for his first child. I think its worth checking out. There's also a couple of other options that we're checking out. We'll see what good things come our way!

Its like a Friday for me, so I'm wishing everyone a good weekend already!

Thanks for reading this :)

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