Saturday, January 20, 2007


We're going to the Mall of America today. Check back later for an update :)

New pictures of James this morning in Baby Album, Week Eleven.

Later: The MOA trip was a success. James did very well, sleeping most of the time. We found a "Mother's Room" at Macy's, where I was able to feed and diaper James comfortably, about an hour after we arrived at the mall. James had his first trip to LegoLand, where we scouted out some future toys. They had a pretty cool looking baby train set and zoo, firestation, etc.

Afterwards, we went to BabiesRUs to buy the Bumbo seat. Its great! James is doing well in it already. I think it will help with his neck coordination. When he gets tired he starts to lean towards the side. I guess that will be our cue to take him out. I guess a few minutes each time is sufficient.

We're having a relaxing day at home now. I really like days like this when we watch TV, play with James, and not much else!

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