Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Fussy Baby

Jim told me that James was a bit fussier than usual during the day. I think this means he didn't go down for his nap as well as he does normally, cried a bit more, and probably had one too many poopy diapers! When I got home James was still fussy. He didn't smile or play very much either. I tried to play and have tummy time with James but it didn't have the usual results. So no pictures last night. They wouldn't have showed a happy baby.

He slept pretty well, or normally. After putting him down at 9:30, after his bottle, he stayed asleep until 1am. Then woke again at 4am for his next bottle. He woke up again at 5:45 but for a diaper change. I was able to quickly change his diaper in the crib (so as to not disturb him by picking him up and putting him on the changing table) and he went back to sleep. I stayed up after that to get ready for work and be ready in case he wanted his bottle before 7am. He didn't wake up before I left :(

So I left James in Jim's very capable hands. Last night I was happy to see Jim's willingness to spend time with James- even after a full day of caring for him and working. We were watching TV together and Jim was holding James. He's such a good Daddy! I'm so very happy that Jim is taking care of James during the day. I wouldn't be happy with anyone else- even if it were one day a week. (I know I say this almost daily :) I wouldn't trust anyone else's style of care, if that makes any sense. I know that Jim is reading up on child care and development and it shows! He's becoming really good at certain things- getting James to finish his bottle (without falling asleep), diapers!, and calming James. I find myself asking Jim how to do things now.

I feel a little more tired than usual. A nap sounds really nice!

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