Friday, January 5, 2007


Thank God It's Friday only so I can spend some more time with Jim and James. Work hasn't been bad. Its getting busier with a lot of kids that I need to see. I didn't go home once for lunch this week, though I wanted to. Starting next week I'm going to make time on Thursdays to go home for lunch, it shouldn't be a problem since I rarely take a lunch during the work day (I usually eat at my desk, while talking to kids). Hopefully an extra 10-15 minutes won't be a problem.

Again, I got home yesterday and everything was perfect and under control by SuperDad Jim. James slept on and off for me, but when he was awake he was alert and happy. I really, really enjoyed playing with him last night. I want to make sure that James is stimulated and getting the developmental play he needs since he is more alert/active at night (during the day he sleeps a lot which is good for Jim's work!). I know at this age that just talking to him, making faces at him, and waving rattles around is enough.

James also got a bath last night which was a change because normally I've done it during the day or earlier in the evening. I've been told that baths before bedtime are good if the bath soothes or is relaxing to baby. James has been responding pretty well to baths since he's been submerged and warm. The sponge baths made him scream. I don't think this bath made him sleep any longer last night. He went 3 1/2 hours between feedings, which is becoming normal at night.

New: A couple new pictures in Baby Album "Week Nine".

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