Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Wednesday is here!

8 am: I had to think twice about what day it was. The days are kind of blending together :)

James was a great baby yesterday. Very few fussy moments.

I've noticed that James likes to look at his own reflection. This morning it was how I got him to settle down (Calmate!) after his bottle. He was squirmy with everything else- me holding him, sitting upright, laying flat, etc- until I put him in the bassinet with his mirror by his head. He even spit out the pacifier and then was fine. I think we need to invest in some more mirrors! I've read that at this age FACES are visually interesting. I guess he likes his own pretty face :)

Jim had a nightmare last night. One small detail of it was that a lady was force feeding James lollipops made of formula. WEIRD! The other parts were pretty unpleasant and Jim's story to tell.

Today's plans: We're visiting my school again today! The wonderful ladies at my school are having a small baby shower for James.

NEW: A few pictures in Baby Album "Week Six"

11am: OMG! Jim just weighed himself and then weighed himself with James in his arms to estimate James' weight. (Thanks Christa for this suggestion!) James could be weighing 11-12 pounds!! Jim weighed himself with James a couple of times to be sure. We're thinking this can't be right but even if its only off by a pound- James is a P.I.G.!

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