Sunday, December 17, 2006

Its almost 2pm!

...and I'm just updating this babysite now. I'm later than usual. I was up at the usual time of 6am but I've been finishing up some Christmas shopping online (I wonder for who?) and then cleaning our house. My family is coming later this week and I'd like the house to be halfway decent.

My Mom has promised not to look for dust bunnies or to bring her white glove for inspection, but I'm cleaning still. When I was a kid my Mom had us clean the house every week- on Tuesdays. We each were given a particular room and a checklist. I usually did the kitchen. Shhhh... don't tell my Mom... but I never followed the checklist. I did surface cleaning only :) I bring this up because we've been joking that James will be helping us with dishes, mowing the lawn, sweeping floors, etc. I guess I'd better get my checklists ready and laminated for him!

James news: he's wearing one of his cute, new outfits from the CRMS baby shower. (Thanks Sara Z.!) Of course, there are no new pictures because this babysite is "down for maintenance". Believe me, he is a cutie!

So James has been pretty cooperative. He's been napping the whole time I cleaned the kitchen. Thanks James for cooperating with Mommy!

Oh, I spoke too soon. He is now crying and awake. Adios.

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