Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Getting close!

Christmas is getting close! I think we're almost done with our Christmas shopping. But we have lots of gift wrapping to do!

Today's plans: I'm going to make cookies (the doughs, at least) and run some errands with James. I think that will take care of the last of our Christmas shopping!

Yesterday I had my doctor's appointment and was able to leave James with Jim, while Jim worked. The nurses and staff at the clinic were so upset that I didn't bring James- they wanted to see him! I didn't know it was customary to bring your baby... My appointment went well. I am healthy and back to normal. No signs of Gestational Diabetes. Well, they didn't test me but said it should be gone. I get tested in April (my annual exam) for GD again. I'll need to fast for 12 hours again and get my blood drawn like last time. Yuck.

We're noticing that James has discovered his voice. He's now yelling out a little (not really crying) and is babbling just a little. Mostly one syllable babbles. Its really cute! Its not too often but we'll hear him and smile :) Maybe soon I'll be lucky enough to catch it on video.

Well, I have another busy day ahead of me. I have a long to-do list!

Thanks for reading this!

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Seven". Jim put up our new curtains last night as he was watching Monday night football. James helped by being cooperative in his swing.

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