Thursday, December 7, 2006

Am I smiling now?

The picture on the homepage is from this morning. I think James is giving us real smiles now! Jim swears that his "first smile" was a couple of days ago- James was wide awake and looking up at Jim. I guess this makes sense since I always smile when I look at Jim too :)

Please see the guestbook entry from Daddy Jimmy. I was pleasantly suprised to see that Jim had written something and then I laughed when I read it. Jim did have an early morning today- waking up at 3am with James and then he was unable to get back to bed. Jim then took the 6am feeding and cared for James until I woke up at a lazy 8am. Super Dad!

With James' mature age of 1 month, we've had a change! He has put himself on a 3 hour schedule now. He has his bottle every 3 hours now, instead of the old 2 1/2 hour schedule. This means just a little bit more sleep for us at night :)

Oh, and a funny story that I forgot to share from my school visit. I was feeding James his bottle in the middle of a group of kids. One of my students, Tope (pronounced Toe-pay), tugged my arm and said, "Ms. Lisa, you must be distracted. You're feeding him with the bottle at the wrong angle. He'll get air bubbles." It was hilarious because it was a 12 year old telling me I was doing something wrong! But she was right. I looked down and saw that the bottle was horizontal and not at the right angle like she said. She told me that she works at her church's nursery with all the babies and is a "pro". In the same breath she told me that she would love to babysit.

Well, we don't have much on our schedule today. We'll just enjoy James today- as always! :)

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