Friday, December 15, 2006

He smiled at me!

Special note: To our biggest fans, we apologize for any delays this upcoming weekend. Jim just informed me that the babysite will be "down for maintenance" over the weekend and I can still write journal entries but I won't be able to upload any new pictures! So no new pictures of James until Sunday night. I hope you can make it :)

James smiled at me this morning! I've been feeling bad because James has been smiling at Jim every once in a while but not at me. This morning I was sitting with him on my lap, in his nursery, and he smiled. It was beautiful :) Now if we could get him to smile for pictures that would be great then everyone else can see!

I think I actually had a good night's sleep. Jim and I traded off on the wake-ups last night and I think I got the better end of the stick- I had the 3am and 7:30am feedings. Maybe this will mean more energy and I can get some errands done!

James news: I snapped two pictures this morning of James on his play mat. He actually seemed to enjoy it this morning and seemed interested in the animal toys. We hope that this will keep him happy and amused in the future. Oh, and in the pictures you can see James wearing his first sweat pants! He looks like a mini relaxed version of Daddy! (Thanks Grandma Laura for the cute outfit!)

James is currently looking at himself in the mirror. This is his latest way of keeping himself amused.

Thanks for reading this!

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