Friday, December 29, 2006


Picture: I caught James smiling- for real! I have a confession: the Christmas card picture that we've sent out was a fake. I don't think James was really smiling for the camera. I think I caught him as he was smiling in his sleep or he had gas! Yesterday James was smiling and cooing so I took pictures. It was hard to catch the smile because of the flash timing. There's a series of pictures in the Baby Album, Week Eight.

I'm tired. James was pretty fussy last night, in the early evening- crying a lot and not really content. Jim ended up feeding him an extra bottle because that seemed to be the problem. James has a bottomless pit for a stomach!

Oh, but I'm tired not because of the fussiness but because I woke up as normal for the 3am feeding and James just wouldn't sleep afterwards! I can't complain that he was fussy because he was actually really smiley and happy- he just wasn't tired. So I stayed up with him for a while, rocking him and all that but nothing worked. I finally came downstairs to the living room and put him in the swing. It worked for a bit and then I was able to nap for 20 minutes. Then the 6am feeding arrived. James is now in his bassinet, fighting sleep and crying out occasionally. Really, I can only hold him for so long and its not really recommended anyway.

I'm up for the day now though (7am) because James and I are going over to my sister Ana's house to say goodbye to my Mom and sister Kristina. They are headed back to Iowa.

Yesterday I spent a bit of time in James' room organizing his clothes and things. He has now outgrown some of his clothes! I'm putting them away in storage. I'm glad that he did wear everything at least a couple of times. He now has a fresh set of 3-6 month sized clothing to wear- and he has plenty! I don't think we need to buy new clothes for James for a long time. (Yes, Mom, I did put aside his newborn/first outfit for his chest :)

I'm sure you'll see fewer pictures starting next week. I go back to work and I think in the evening I'll be busy taking care of James and organizing for the next day. I actually thought of withholding pictures because I'm finding it diminishes the surprise when we give gifts of pictures, but my Mom would kill me if I didn't update this babysite with new pictures often. I don't know what happens to the pictures that I upload to this site- I know some family members save the pictures and make prints for themselves of the ones they like- so I don't want to take that away. But you can only have so many pictures in frames! We have plenty now :)

Well, James is now sleeping in his swing again. Jim is making me breakfast and I'll be drinking lots of coffee. Off I go!

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