Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Happy One Month Birthday!

James is one month old today!!! I can't believe that this month has gone by so fast! Looking back on the pictures, he really has changed a lot :)

I made a visit to my school CRMS yesterday to visit with the staff and students. James was a HUGE hit- he had many admirers. The kids were disappointed I wouldn't let them hold James, but there were really just too many of them. James did do really well with the crowd, it was a group of 70+ multicultural kids- a lot of color in that room!

I found out that I'm missing out on NBC Nightly News visiting my school on Tuesday to do a story on how we're closing the achievement gap at my school. Its pretty exciting to be recognized like that!

Oh, my solo outing with James was a success. I had no problems with the carseat or carrying his stuff. He wasn't at all fussy (except when he wanted his bottle). Actually, giving him a bottle was the best thing because that was in the middle of all those kids and I'm sure it was pretty calming for him.

Why didn't I take pictures?!!

Speaking of pictures, I added more Christmas pictures to the Christmas Sneak Peek Album and then to the Week Five album. Enjoy! We only picked ONE for our Christmas cards but I didn't include that one. You'll see that hardly any of the pictures have James with his eyes open. He wasn't the most cooperative subject! But he is pretty darn cute!!!!!

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