Tuesday, December 5, 2006

First solo outing

Today I'm taking James to CRMS to visit my other kids (and the staff)! I don't want to attempt going out to dinner with them (honor roll celebration) but I agreed to come and visit for half an hour or so. I'm nervous about taking James out by myself (I've never maneuvered the carseat into the base or carried it) and then about the cold. Also, will he cry a lot? Will I have a fussy baby?

I'd better get moving this morning. I want to give James a bath after his next feeding at 10:30 so that he's a beautiful, clean baby :)

I don't think I have any other James news. I did take 100+ pictures yesterday for our Christmas cards. I put a couple more teaser pics in the Baby Album. My plan is to use one or more for Christmas cards. I know the Grandmas are probably wanting to see all of the pictures but I'm going to torture them a little by holding out :)

Off I go!

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