Sunday, December 3, 2006

Some changes

So we've had some changes! James is now drinking formula. We've noticed some changes in his mood- he seems to be calmer. And he's sleeping well and immediately after his feeding- no fuss. I hope I don't jinx ourselves by writing this :) Jim and I were up every 2 1/2 hours still, but the feedings seem to be faster and easier. Oh, and another not so pleasant change- uh, the poopy diapers. They smell now. TMI?

We had a visitor this last week and I didn't mention it or take a picture. What was I thinking?! My friend Anna came over to see Baby James and she did NOT take him :) She had told me that he was so cute she'd steal him. I'll have to snap some pictures next time.

And we have great news! Tia Kristina is coming to visit over Christmas!!!!!!! I'm so excited for James to meet his Auntie (Tia). Kristina's husband, Gilbert (Tio), is overseas and she's able to leave her work for a while. This will be the first Christmas in a long, long time that the three sisters will be together. I'm beyond thrilled. (And can you imagine my Mom's happiness?!?!!)

Today's plans: Jim is at his Great Aunt's this morning to set up her computer/internet. I'm on Mom duty for the morning but James is napping so maybe I'll get something done from my to-do list. Later, the only thing planned is a nap (for me) and a bath for James.

Picture: I only seem to remember to take pictures when James is peaceful and sleeping. Here is a picture from this morning (Sunday).

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