Thursday, December 14, 2006

Feeling the love at CRMS!

Yesterday I had a baby shower at CRMS and much love was felt! James and I had a great time with the wonderful ladies at the shower. A big thank you to Jessica, Sara and others who organized the event- we enjoyed seeing everyone, getting out of the house and James enjoyed the attention I'm sure! We received some wonderful books (who would have thunk it, from educators!?), clothing, toys, etc. James was already a well dressed little boy- wait til you see him in his new gear!

Thank you, CRMS ladies, for a good time! Thank you to those who came in to say hi to James and myself too!

8am: I think James slept okay overall but I was a bit sleepless last night. After his 2:30am feeding he was wide awake. No amount of rocking, pacifier love, or mommy love could get him to sleep. Finally something worked and he did sleep. 45 minutes later- his next feeding. And then he was up early at 6am. I guess he just couldn't wait to start his day :)

Today's plans: Well, I'm going to nap. But then James and I are going to visit some friends at the school's district office. They are anxious to meet James!

Update from Daddy:
I just wanted to thank all of Lisa's co-workers for giving James' shower yesterday. He was in a good mood when he got home, so I could tell he enjoyed himself. Since he can only drink formula now, I had to have his piece of cake for him, but it was REALLY good - thanks!! Also, thanks for all the wonderful gifts and cards - lots of fun stuff, we really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity!

Happy Holidays,
James Sr.

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