Thursday, December 28, 2006


I missed a day yesterday! I have been (happily) busy with my family. My sister and Mom are still here visiting but they're at my other sister's house now. Jim and I have a funeral service to attend today :( Great Great Uncle Don passed away on Christmas day.

I have a feeling this entry will be short. James is crying out a bit in his sleep and I know he'll be waking up very soon.

Christmas was such a happy, fun time for all of us. James received a lot of generous gifts from his grandparents, aunts, and uncles. One of Jim's favorite gifts is his coffee mug with James' poker picture on it, my favorite gifts are James' first shoes (penguin Robeez & cowboy boots!) and TMX Elmo.

We had a Mexican Christmas (our new tradition for my family) and we had lots of good eats- carnitas, mole, rice & beans, tortillas, tamales... We also had a crazy good drink that Ana made- agua loca. Translation: crazy water!

James did so well with all of the family commotion. He slept peacefully despite the noise and hustle and bustle of many people. I think a couple of times we even wore him out because he slept for longer periods of time twice. One night he even made it to 4 1/2 hours between feedings! This doesn't seem like much, but to Jim & I it was a welcome break. My Mom and sisters were great about helping with James' feedings and diaper changes (well, Grandma Rosie was the only one who really tackled the diapers :)

Oh, crying baby! I have a lot to do this morning. I have to bathe James and get myself presentable for Jim's family. James and I aren't attending the services but we're going to the family gathering/luncheon.

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