Friday, December 8, 2006

Pacifier Love

Last night James loved his pacifier. He loved it so much he wouldn't sleep between feedings. I couldn't figure out the source of his frustration- I changed his diaper, carried him in the Bjorn, fed him, held him, everything. I did give him his pacifier too but he spit it out. Finally he took the pacifier and was happy. It was a very difficult four hours though! But as my Mom told me, I should be and am thankful for every breath he takes, every burp, every cry, and every smile. He is a wonderful, handsome baby.

This is a short video called Pacifier Love. Its from this morning though.

Not too much else happening. Mommy (me!) is taking a short break later today to get a haircut. I also have to buy more formula because we're not sure if James is loving the current one. He's been spitting up more than usual and has been irritable. James was probably just missing Daddy who was at Pool last night. Or missing Grandma Rose because she isn't here to visit (this was my Mom's suggestion for his unhappiness last night :)

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