Saturday, December 30, 2006

Poor James

Poor Baby James! He has been fussy for the last day or so. He cried continuously for 3+ hours last night. He wasn't happy laying in my arms, on his back, in his bassinet, etc. The only way he would stop crying is to be held upright, against my chest. We've ruled out ear infections, colic, and a fever. I thought it might be gas so Jim went to buy a medication for infant gas relief. I can't tell if that's made it better or if the following did. I took James' rectal temp! I dreaded having to do this EVER but I knew I needed to see if he was sick. Turns out he isn't. But I did stimulate quite a bit of poop when I took his temperature! Maybe he was backed up? Poor James!!

So that was last night, early evening. He's slept fine since then and I can hear him stirring now. Daddy Jim woke up both times with James last night.

New pictures in Baby Album "Week Eight". Our James is a cutie! There are also pictures of James and his Tia Kristina. They said goodbye yesterday because Tia is going back to Iowa/Virginia. We'll miss you Kristina!

Also, a new video "Happy Baby". James was in a great mood this morning!

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