Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Poop Monster

Updated 12:30pm- Added pictures in Week Six album.

7am- We had an uneventful day yesterday. I caught up on some sleep by taking naps when James was napping. I guess that's how its supposed to be done!

My pain is gone! My body feels almost normal.

So James was a poop monster this morning. I told Jim that HIS son went through not just one diaper at one wake-up, not two, but THREE. I changed his diaper immediately when he woke up because I could smell him before I could see him. Yuck! Then he ate. Then I smelled poop so I changed him. He also tried to pee on me but I caught it with a cloth. Just as I was putting the clean diaper beneath him, an explosion of poop came out! I caught most of it with the clean diaper but some ended up on me. UGH! And then he tried to pee on me again! I didn't catch all of that so I had to change his clothing. So now he's all clean but I'm traumatized.

I guess there was a major happening yesterday. Jim says that James LAUGHED for the first time yesterday! He then also smiled at Jim five times. James loves his Daddy :)
(Ummm, I have yet to have James smile at me.)

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