Thursday, August 31, 2006

Week 30 updates

I'm looking forward to my upcoming baby shower not this weekend but next! I'm so happy that my sister took this on. She always is the best hostess and I'm always overwhelmed by the love and effort she puts into these kinds of things. (Isn't family wonderful!?) Its going to be a great party and I hope everyone can come! I'll be the one with the baby belly, a little embarassed and overwhelmed by the attention :)

My latest health update is that I saw a diabetic specialist this week and I am now testing my blood levels four times daily. So far, my levels are all great and perfectly normal. I feel absolutely fine but missing eating sweets! I've changed my diet according to a sample menu that I found and it seems to be working. I see the dietician next week where I'll find out even more about my diet and what changes I need to make.

Weekend plans: Spend some sister time with Ana on Saturday, take a long walk with Jimmy (need exercise), and we have dinner plans with Roger (father-in-law) on Sunday to celebrate late birthdays

Have a great weekend!

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