Sunday, June 13, 2010

Como Zoo, I mean, Golf

Como Zoo/Golf- last weekend, May 30th

I think James would enjoy the zoo if he let himself. I don't remember if he saw the mini golf course or if we mentioned it too soon, but as soon as he had it in his head there was nothing else. We walked through the zoo to get to the golf course. Poor animals. Like this orangutan, so cute, but unnoticed by Master James.

We did make a quick stop at Como Town to ride one ride. James was willing and it was Jim's turn to take him (I took him last time we visited). Por Jim stuffing his long legs into the train car. I almost felt bad :)

Golf, at last! This course is always pretty fun with James. He loves mini golf. He follows the rules pretty well, but never keep score. We just let him make his shots until he makes the hole. I think he does very well for a 3 year old!

I made it! This pose/shot never gets old :)

I realize that you've seen these pictures before, but it's just so much fun each time we go. Again, these shots never get old (to me).

I don't know what James is doing here...

I made it (again)!

Daddy made it too!

My boys :) Jim offered to take my picture too but I said no, the moment was theirs! They golfed a great game.

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