Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Iphone update

My iphone has become my everyday camera. I use my "real" digital camera when we go somewhere special, like the zoo, museum, or vacation. I have my 365 project and for that I probably take anywhere from 5-40 pictures a day. It just depends. Actually, some days I've taken just one specific picture for the project but most days there is something that I want to remember or record.

So my iphone software was updated yesterday (woohoooo!) and one of the updates was a zoom for its camera. I think it's weird that it was able to do that, just by plugging it into the computer and getting updated, but whatever. It works. Here is an example of what it used to do (picture #1), and then a gradual zoom until the last frame which is the max zoom.

I think it will come in handy! The picture quality is of course lower in zoom but sometimes it's okay.

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