Monday, June 21, 2010


This was a while ago but I think the pictures are cute. (6/10/10)

On this particular day James did poop in the potty and then promptly said, "I get a new Star Wars toy!" We scrambled to find something in the house since we didn't have anything set aside. Jim found this R2D2 in HIS collection and James was happy. (We're glad not to give SW toys for poops anymore, that could have gotten expensive! TBJ for Grandma Rosie's chocolate suckers, again!)

The C3PO folder in the picture is something I salvaged from a box of junk I inherited from the retiring librarian at work. I think she was a hoarder and she kept giving me stuff from her office as she found it. The SW folder was actually something that I got excited about because I knew I could take it home to James! Who knows? Maybe it's actually from the 80's! For real.

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