Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Facts of Life

You take the good, you take the bad... !

We had a really fun time at Culver's on Monday night. James had a golf lesson so we went out to dinner, mostly because I didn't really plan dinner.

James discovered chocolate malts. He is his father's son!

Jim dared to take his malt back.

Another of James' favorite things- "Dad, let me smell your hair." (We don't know why.)

Oh what fun!
The fun continued at the golf course. James putted a few times before 6:15, the start of his class.

I find it funny that James knows to change his clubs between shots!

At 6:13 we started to head over to the picnic tables where the kids and the teachers were gathering. James clutched my leg and refused to stand with the kids. He then refused to follow them to the course. We told the teachers to go ahead and we'd catch up. James just flat out refused to go. He just wanted to golf.

Jim tried very hard to convince him to join the class (in the background, sitting on the grass.)

It just wasn't going to happen. Jim ended up carrying him out of the golf course and we went home. We didn't give in to "just golf".
The tantrum wasn't too bad, just embarassing. He loves golf so much but he'd rather do his own thing. He's very confusing. He loved his first two classes, was excited to go to the "golf teacher" all weekend and then when it came down to the time, nothing. Oh well.
It wasn't necessarily a BAD moment, just a rare unpleasant James moment.

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