Sunday, June 13, 2010

Shiny and New

James had a haircut yesterday and he looks like a different boy. It's quite short but that's nice for summer. He panicked when we said we were going but then cheered up when his Daddy mentioned getting a "chocolate sucker". James thinks the brown, rootbeer flavored dum dum suckers are chocolate flavored. Hey, whatever works! So he sat very nicely through his haircut and was rewarded with the chocolate sucker.

My pictures aren't transferring from my iphone well, so here's just one picture of our new boy. He enjoyed his bathtime and I washed away all the little, itchy hairs from his head and body.

We had a burst of brilliance. We thought that since he likes the suckers so well, well we should find them and offer them up for poop/potty training. Target only sells the packages of 300 or whatever, and when I looked through the bag there were only like 3 rootbeer flavored ones in there. Luckily I hit the liquor store after that (sangria ingredients) and they had a bowl of suckers on the counter. I asked if I could take one for my son and explained why- she was nice and told me to pick out as many as I could find. I only find four in that huge bowl but I appreciate them! So today, when we were at the Mall of America, and this cute little boy told me that his poop was coming we RAN to the bathroom. I literally grabbed him up in my arms and ran. It was a crowded afternoon at the MOA, so the bathroom was crowded too. James was telling me "It's coming! It's coming!" yet we still had to stand in line. Finally we got to the toilet and James pushed out a very decent sized log of poop (TMI)! And I had a chocolate sucker in my purse! He was thrilled :) We were more thrilled that James pooped in the toilet, and not in his undies, but also out in public!

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