Friday, March 2, 2012

Kindergarten, here we come!

The kindergarten roundup happened on February 23. We turned in James' registration papers and started the process of registering him for Spanish immersion kindergarten!

There were four stations for families to visit- story time, art activity, registration bad bus ride, and finally a morning meeting.

I didn't capture a picture of the story time because it required heavy concentration for me- you see, it was all in Spanish. It was amazing how naturally the children fell into the routine of listening quietly, repeating the words at a prompt, and how it did seem they understood bits and pieces. The story was maybe a familiar one for everyone- Where the Wild Things Are. I understood quite a bit, but I wondered about Jim's comfort level. I guess for him he had a similar experience to the kids (:

James at the art activity. The directions were given in Spanish with a brief demonstration. Stringing froot loops on to yarn.

Registration and bus ride. The adults were to turn in papers or fill them out (we came with ours completed). The kids were asked to line up and go for a bus ride. I wasn't sure if James would go without us, and we made no move to budge from our seats, but he went willingly with the other kids and teacher. I quickly snapped a picture of his departure but didn't make a big deal of it until he came back. He LOVED the bus!

The last station was the morning meeting, a kindergarten start to a day full of songs, check ins, and calendar/weather chat. This teacher was my favorite, she seemed the most natural with children if this age and also her Spanish didn't seem forced. There was another teacher with good Spanish (a native speaker) but she was from Chile and I found her harder to understand.

Anyway, fun station. She was very animated and fun.

Here's one cute song she led the children through.



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