Sunday, March 4, 2012

Snow Day with Mom 3/29

We woke up to a significant amount of snow- not a ton but enough snow and ice for my school district to call a rare Snow Day. It was a good thing because I overslept. My iPad is never too far away so when I reached for it to email my school I was going to be late, I went on autopilot to Facebook where I saw post after post from my colleagues that it was a snow day!

What to do on a snow day but make the kitchen nice and cozy with the smell of peanut butter cookies? They were all done before 9:30am! And my strange little boy wouldn't try one bite! His loss...

James grew tired of Legos by 10am (imagine that!) so I convinced him to go upstairs with me to play. This rocket ship from Grandma Rose was great fun AND it goes with his daycare's monthly theme- outer space!

We also set up the train tracks. James had a great idea of creating a tunnel from his chairs.

AND THEN we went outside!! James raced me to put on his coat and boots first. He won (:


Sledding down our hill.


We wrestled and laughed in the snow.

Oh dear. No make-up on this Mom...


It was a fun day!


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