Sunday, April 10, 2011

First Wedding

My friend Jolene was married on April 2nd. We went to the ceremony only at a country church in Hinckley, my hometown. James had never been to a wedding so we were curious whether he'd sit still and behave. Let me just say... there was a bribe involved so we hoped for the best. James busied himself with the bible in the church pew. He didn't stay too interested. No pictures, you know.

I kept telling James to look for the pretty lady in the white dress. When she walked by, James said, "There she is!"

Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry came to the wedding too. Jolene was often at my house during high school and she was like one of their daughters too. Poor thing. Hahaha. So Grandma Rose helped entertain James at the church. I'm glad none of us were sick because James made up this little game of blowing. Yeah, blowing. Weird kid :)

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