Sunday, January 1, 2012

Christmas isn't over!

Grandpa Frank and Grandma Julie sent a nice Christmas card and money.  I took James to Target and he helped me spend the money all on him (:  He would have gladly spent the money all on toys but his responsible parent found some fun but practical items for him.  He was very helpful in picking the accessories to redecorate his bathroom.

The ocean theme compliments his new pirate bath toys too!

I'm replacing the sand picture with a picture of himself in his pirate Halloween costume.

We also found a great Pirate Lego set.  One thrilled little boy!  (Video to come soon.  We keep talking about making one to show Grandpa :)

Oh and a new Lego Ninjago shirt & a Star Wars swimsuit.  James has lessons starting tomorrow!

See?  Christmas wasn't over!

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