Sunday, November 17, 2013

Happy Birthday Ana, Lisa, and James!

When I was little I used to have joint birthday parties with my sister Ana, since our birthdays are just 12 dayss apart. We always had Halloween themed parties and would invite our neighborhood friends for apple bobbing, piñatas, and Halloween decorated cake!

So my family had the idea to combine our birthdays with James too! And we all got to wear costumes! And James got to wear his Mario costume and show Grandma Rose- so he was thrilled!



Uncle Rich is a rock star and never told us! And Jim is a rapper. Who knew?!


There was a dance party. James would only dance with Grandma Rose.


But we all joined in.


Piñata time!



So when I looked through my pictures I saw this one. James could totally see! He wasn't blindfolded! Little stinker :)


Tia ChaCha took a crack at it. And killed it!


The mad scramble for candy. James only wanted the Hershey's bars. More for the rest of us big kids!


James swiped Grandpa Larry's mask. So spooky!


And there were presents! Of course! Grandma Rose and Grandpa Larry bought this Monster Train for James. It totally fit the theme!


And the party was complete with a Halloween cake. Yum!




I don't think any of us minded sharing our birthday celebration! It was so much fun! Grandma Rose went all out!

Thank you to Tia ChaCha and Uncle Rich too for sharing the day, and for the great gifts!


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