Sunday, November 17, 2013

Big Spender

James saved a total of $125 from his allowances, family "donations", and loose change. His timing was excellent. He reached his goal at the same time the Nintendo 2DS system was released!

We were at Target on the release date. Surprisingly, no lines ;)

And James spots the systems!


Yes, this is a happy kid!


Thank you to Mom and Dad for contributing the extra few dollars and then tax. Oh, and for purchasing a pricey game so that he can play something on his new system.


James and his Dad set up the system.


And total happiness at last!


Goal reached!

I'm still very amazed that James was able to save that much money. It took a lot of self-discipline to not be distracted by Pokemon cards, Angry Birds, and other toys.


James took a small break from his 2DS to visit the dentist. No cavities! We're keeping an eye on one tooth but so far, so good!


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