Saturday, November 16, 2013

More School Stuff

Yup, naked homework.


There was a day that I got to wait with James at his morning bus stop, and then I rushed to work. There really shouldn't be any rushing when you have a happy, beautiful face like this smiling at you!



I found this picture online, on the Spring Lake Park district's webpage. There were several back-to-school pictures. James is in the front row.


On another day I got to join James at his lunch time. I was curious because James was reporting "not enough time".



From what I saw there was plenty of time. I think there was too much socializing and not enough eating. He sits with a few of his friends and has a good time :)



I didn't stay for much of recess but I did spot these two cuties run off together laughing as I left.


James and Julian.


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